The Location of Faith

There is no such thing as the existence of non-belief.   Everybody believes something, even if it’s nothing.  In fact a person can’t not believe. 

Now someone may say, “I don’t believe in God.”  But in so doing they are really saying “I believe that there is no God.”  In fact if you just want to get down to brass tacks, “unbelief” in something is believing the negative about it.   For example, I do not believe in man made global warming.  Which means that I do believe man made global warming is false. 

Now you may say, “Jeff what is the point that you’re driving at?”  My point is very simple.  There is no such thing as the separation of personal faith and public policy.    Recently when the New York state senate was debating a bill which would have allowed marriage between men, or marriage between women, according to the Associated Press, State Senator Eric Adams, a democrat from Brooklyn, “challenged lawmakers to set aside their religious beliefs and vote for the bill.”  Adams went on to say “when I walk through these doors, my Bible stays out.”

Sadly, Mr. Adams has shown that he doesn’t understand the nature of faith.  The fact is that faith cannot be separated from philosophy.  When a person says my faith is private, and my philosophy is public, they are betraying the fact that they do not really comprehend either.

The reality is that every law on the books is a product of what someone believes.  The atheist that ‘believes there is no God” will prescribe laws based upon what he believes.    When someone says, “I do not want to force my faith on someone else” they are by default declaring their faith.   When someone says, “it is not my belief for our laws to reflect anyone’s faith” then you’ve done just that.  Laws are “beliefs” on paper.  We have laws against murder because we believe it’s wrong.  We have laws against stealing because we believe it is wrong, and so on . . .

Now when someone tells the Christian that his faith is to stay at home, all they are really doing is trying eliminate the competition.  The real Christian can’t leave his faith at home, because his faith determines his philosophy, it determines his behavior, and it determines the policies that he is in favor of, and opposed to.  It is the very same thing for the other side as well.  It is the “faith” of the non-Christian that determines his behavior, his philosophy, and the policies that he is in favor of and/or opposed to.

I want to say that if the Christian must leave his faith at home, so must the atheist, and the muslim, and whoever else you want to throw in the mix.  In this country, someone’s faith determines everyone’s laws, there is no getting around that.   The culture in our country just doesn’t want the Christian faith’s influence on them anymore.

We’ve heard a great deal about “Change” in the last couple of years.  Never did we hear about the quality or degree of the change, but just “change.” 

The truth is that nothing has changed.  This culture is as old as man himself.  Cain killed Abel because his own works were evil and his brothers were righteous according to 1st John.  God’s acceptance of Abel’s worship and the rejecting of Cain’s was not a “tolerant” thing for God to do.  When God’s truth in Abel’s life condemned the falsehood in Cain’s, Cain sought to silence him.

The only change that every really takes place is when a man or woman, boy or girl, gives their heart to Jesus.  Then everything changes.  Death becomes Life.  Guilt becomes Forgiven.  Hell becomes Heaven.  Every man believes something, and is the sum total of the product of that belief.  The only real change comes, when he changes what he believes.  When he stops believing what’s false and starts believing what’s true.  That’s what Jesus was saying when He said, “Repent and believe the gospel.”  The only real change that comes in any man, is when he repents of his sins, and takes Jesus at His Word.  Christ said, “he that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”  “Whoseover believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” 

What a difference the location of our faith makes.  The truth is that Jesus is the only Change Worth Making, because He is the only real change at all.


3 comments on “The Location of Faith

  1. Hey Jeff – good thinking – great blog – I will try to keep up on your site. THANKS!

  2. Don Sawyer says:

    I can’t remember when I have read a message and I believed everything that I read until now. I have held these truths for a long time but did not know how to put them in words. I believe that you did a masterful job and reading between the lines I am positive that you give our Lord the preeminence for all that you do.
    God bless you my brother, keep up the good work until our commander-in-chief returns and releaves us of this duty and assigns us another task and have a good and godly day.

  3. Thank you for your kind words. I do attempt to give Jesus Christ preeminence in all things. I hope that you have a very Merry Christmas, and may God bless your day as well.

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