The One Policy that Does Fit All

 The series Nostradamas Effect, produced by and broadcast on the History Channel is a “journalistic” look into the the Apocalyptic versions of the end of the world that are circulating in today’s culture.  The theme of last night’s episode was the rapture, and to a small degree evangelical theology.  One of the “experts” that was asked to comment expressed in one sound bite “the serious problem” with the traditional evangelical view of the Biblical rapture.  The problem that he stated had to do with the fact that, “it leaves no room for non-Christians.”  Going on he said “it is divisive . . . it paints one group of people as righteous, and everyday ordinarily good people as evil and wicked.”  His comments went on even further, but you get the general idea of his sound bite. 

It was in this one sound bite that this “expert” encapsulated the entire sentiment of the culture of our time.  It was Oprah Theology in a nutshell.  Not long ago, most people will remember the declaration by Oprah that “Jesus can’t be the only way to heaven . . . there are millions of paths to God.”  Whether it be a philosophical “expert” or an over-exposed, over-rated talk show host, or anyone in between the core of their philosophy is still the same.  It is their fundamental belief that “man’s opinion matters in the rules about who gets to go to heaven.” 

I am as American as they come, but the fact is that God is not running a democracy.  The fallacy in the “experts” and in the “Oprah’s” of the world is the false idea that the road to heaven is governed by the opinions and beliefs of men.  In their mind this road must be wide enough to allow for all of the well intended religions and beliefs in the world.  In their line of thinking, humanity has a say on how the rules are made, and God must acknowledge that and allow that.  It is as though they are demanding that God regard their decision about religion as the final one.

The only problem is that it “ain’t that way.”

The rules are the same for every human wherever they are on the globe.  We have no problem with this when it comes to mathematics.  Two plus two will always be four, and will every where be four, and to every person in every period be four.  Mathematic rules do not change with the “cultures” of men.  Neither do the laws of physics.  They are universal laws.  Whether a man is a Roman Catholic, American Moron, or Lithuanian Polock, their laws of math, their laws of physics, and their laws of chemistries will always be one and the same.

What every man must realize is that the God that made the earth, also made the Heavens.  Just as sure as the laws of Gravity hold men on earth, the laws of Rapture will capture men from earth.  God established the real road to Glory.  It is an Exclusive Road with an Inclusive Intent.  Everyone is welcome to walk the right road.  No one will be kicked off of it, or denied entrance.

I explain to the people that I pastor all the time that everyone of them are welcome at my home . . . through the front door.  If you try to climb through the window, you may be shot.  You can all come to my house . . . my way.  Visitors no more determine their own entrance into my house, any more than I determine height of my stature.  Not only do I say “who” comes into my place, but I also determine “where, and how” they enter.  Humanity accepts that every day all over the world.  Homes are sacred, and are rightly entered only in the manner of the wishes of the owner. 

Heaven is God’s Home.  He has decided how men may enter.  And the glory of it is the fact that He has revealed that to all of mankind.  The invitation is Universal.  God has issued an All Inclusive Invitation, to come through an Absolutely Exclusive Door, and He has said, “He that cometh to me, I will in no wise cast out.”

Jesus made it plain in John 14:6 when He said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man cometh to the Father but by Me.”

This idea  and accusation that Bible believing Baptists are narrow minded is a fallacious ruse. We all want our Pharmacists to be narrow minded.  We don’t want to wind up like little Billy.

                 Little Billy was thirsty and got him a drink, but little Billy is no more,

                 For what he thought was H20 was H2SO4

NASA is pretty narrow minded about the precision of the Space Program

The Pentegon is pretty narrow minded when it comes to calibrating their missiles.

I would hope that the world would realize that Salvation from Hell is more precise than the laws of Physics.  The reality is that there really aren’t any laws of Physics, only laws of the Lord. 

All of that being said, there really is only One Policy that Fits All.  It is the Policy that God Himself as Prepared and Declared to all men everywhere, without regard to their opinions, religions, or philosophies.  The Psalmist said in Psalm 100:3 – “Know ye that the Lord, He is God: it is He that has made us, and not we ourselves.” 

The only road to glory is the road straight through Calvary.  Adrian Rogers said once, “I put my sins, where God put His Son, nailed to the cross.”  Until a man or woman goes through Calvary, they are never headed for Glory regardless of who they are.  All other efforts to get to heaven are futile. Changing religions, political parties, philosophies, are no real changes at all, until that change is the change made toward Jesus in repentance of sin, and faith in Him.  A man approached Vance Havner once wanting to join his church.  He told Dr. Havner, “I’ve been a Pentecostal, I’ve been a Methodist, and I’ve been a Presbyterian.  Do you have a problem with me trying to be a Baptist?”  To which Havner replied, “Go ahead, changing labels on an empty bottle can’t hurt anything.”  The fact is that until the “Pentecostal, the Methodist, the Presbyterian, and the Baptist” change toward Jesus, then no real change has been made.

Jesus is the only change worth making, because Jesus is the only real change at all.


One comment on “The One Policy that Does Fit All

  1. Don Sawyer says:

    This will tell you volumes about my computer knowledge. The only problem I have so far with your writings is I can’t find all that you have written. Have a good and godly day.

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