The Arrogance of “Tolerance”

In October of this year, Tom Krattenmaker wrote an opinion piece in USA Today criticizing Heisman Trophy winning Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow for using the grandeur of his stage as a pulpit for his faith.  Going on in his criticism of Tebow, he quickly revealed the underlying motives of his critique of Tebow’s public faith, by really just criticizing his private faith altogether.  Tim, whose father is Bob Tebow, participates in the active mission work of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Krattenmaker takes issue with the entire premise stating, “The Tebow organization espouses a far-right theology. Its bottom line: Only those who assent to its version of Christianity will avoid eternal punishment. The ministry boldly declares, “We reject the modern ecumenical movement.” The Tebow organization’s literature estimates that 75% of the Philippines’ inhabitants “have never once heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” This in a country where more than 80% of the citizens identify themselves as Roman Catholic.In making and acting on rigid claims about who is or isn’t in good standing with God, the Bob Tebow organization is working at cross purposes with the majority of Americans — indeed, the majority of American Christians — and their more generous conception of salvation.”

After reading that article, another one came to mind that I had read about 5 years ago.  It was one that I kept, so I looked through my files and found it again.  It is dated October 29th, 2004 and was published as a paid political advertisement in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.  This particular article is more telling, and clearly more open about it’s philosophies and beliefs, and I believe captures in a thumbnail the sentiment, and beliefs of those who hide their mischevious faith, behind the noble concept of tolerance.  The article is presented as “A Personal Message From George Soros.”  The article was written during the 2004 Presidential Election season with George W. Bush on one side, and John Kerry on the other side.  The full page article was an attempt to persuade Americans to vote for Kerry.  The article, however, contains exerpts of an arrogant faith of the greatest heights.  Here are a couple of them:

“An open society such as ours is based on the recognition that our understanding of reality is inherently imperfect.  Nobody is in possesion of the ultimate truth.  (my emphasis added) As the philosopher Karl Popper has shown, the ultimate truth is not attainable even in science.  All theories are subject to testing and the process of replacing old theories with better ones never ends.”               –       George Soros

“Open societies suffer from an innate weakness: uncertainty.  Leaders who claim to be in possession of the ultimate truth offer an escape from uncertainty.  But that is a snare, because those leaders are bound to fail.”   –  George Soros

Now that being said, when we boil all of this down what Soros and Krattenmaker, and people of like minds wants you to know for sure . . . is nothing.

A man defined an agnostic once as “a man who believes he doesn’t KNOW anything . . . and then gets mad when you agree with him.”

Their message is simple.  Nobody knows the truth.  No one has solid footing to stand on, so everyone’s opinions, beliefs, and philosophies matter.  This mischevious, and malevolent faith has painted on it’s forehead the pretty crown of tolerance with the hopes and ideas that most people will accept their doctrine.

I must say at this point that I can find no where else in existence an arrogance so high, and an ignorance so deep.  For Mr. Sorros to declare that “nobody is in possession of ultimate truth” is to demonstrate a pride that there are no words to express it’s length and breadth.

For one man to tell another man what he doesn’t know is incredible.  I just ate a candy bar made of dark chocolate and it was very good.  In fact I know that it was good, and am absolutely certain beyond all other opinions that it was good.  It would be absolutely insane for Mr. Sorros, or  any other man to come along and tell me that I didn’t really know anything about the taste of dark chocolate candy bars.  I have had one.

In all reality what Mr. Soros and Mr. Krattenmaker and all other like minded people are saying is this:  “Since we don’t know the truth, no one does.”  Or they could say it like this, “If the truth were knowable, we would know it.”  The whole idea that there is a portion of earth’s population that does in fact know the absolute truth, is dumbfounding to them, because by their own confession, they themselves are ignorant of it; and if they be ignorant of it, then surely we all must admit that the whole world is ignorant also, right?

Sadly, wrong.  I do have sorrow in my heart for Mr. Soros,  and those like minded.  The fact is that a lost heart has a blind mind, and logical reasoning is not the light of day, Jesus is.  Blind men cannot be educated into sight.  Any Bible believer that knows their way around the scriptures can shed light on most if not all of today’s issues.  However doing so would be equivalent to handing a flashlight to a blind man.  Now light does come before sight, but Christ alone can give a blind man sight to see with.

Mr. Soros and the perveyors of “anti-truth” do not need to be educated, they need to be evangelized.  Education never changed anyone.  As Adrian Rogers said one time, “you can educate a demon, and all you’ll get is a more clever devil.”  Education is about information, not transformation.  Some people have the idea that all people really need is the right information in order to make better decisions in their lives.  Of course they’ve kicked their own legs out from under them by eliminating the possibility for any “right” information by claiming there is no truth.  (It’s a vicious cycle.)

Jesus is the only One who can make the change in any aspect of this life.  Not only is He the Light of the World, but He gives Sight to it’s sinners.  The Bible says, “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  I’ve tasted, and seen, and no man on earth can tell me that I don’t know for sure what I’ve tasted, or whether or not it is good.  Christ Jesus is the only change worth making, because in reality He is the only real change at all.

2 comments on “The Arrogance of “Tolerance”

  1. Copperautis says:

    Very well said, my friend. It never ceases to amaze me how some will use self-defeating statements to make their points. To say that no one has the truth is self-defeating. The question to then ask Mr. Soros, and his ilk, is simply “is that true?” If they answer “yes,” clearly the truth can be known, and he is wrong. If they answer “no,” then why listen? – He’s just plain wrong, just like you; dark chocolate is not good. Sorry 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment. Your “test” for them is a good one, and I’ll remember that. You’re semi-correct. Dark chocolate is not good, it is verrrry good. It is good for the heart and the chins. 🙂

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