Heading into 1775 All Over Again

I watched sadly late into the evening on Sunday night as the first domino fell setting in motion the elimination of 234 years of the American people’s independence. 

Moment after moment, speaker after speaker, it was like watching ourselves being carpet bombed in slow motion.  The outrage of it all rests in the fact that the attack itself came from so-called Americans, masquerading as pretend statesmen making jovial mockery over the defeat of freedom. 

Now without doubt, there are those on the wrong side of this issue that truly believe that this new “Health Insurance Reform” bill, is going to be as wonderful as the liars that wrote it, said that it will.   I have come to the conclusion that there are two or three kinds of people behind this bill.  What I am about to say, I do not it sarcastically, I say it with somber and sad sincerity.  There are people who are: 1.) Downright Evil, – hating freedom, and wanting control.  2.) Selfish Liars, who have no sense of Patriotism, and live for the joy of the moment, and 3.) Truly Ignorant, (In the academic sense of the word)  who truly cannot see what this bill is all about.

As I see it, we are on our way to 1775 all over again, and here is how and why we are going to get there.

Benjamen Franklin said it best when he said, “Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither.”  I would go on to say, “He who would sacrifice freedom for health, deserves neither.”  It is better to be sick and free, than well and slave to a government.”

As I understand it, here is what is going to happen if this bill survives all court challenges, and is never repealed:

1. – The Health Insurance Companies will cease to exist.    – What this bill mandates is that every American purchase insurance.  It does not and cannot mandate that there be someone who is selling Health Insurance.  With the fundamental regulations that this bill will contain, it will become unsustainable for Health Insurance companies to exist at all.  (Which is exactly what the evil, freedom hating, power grabbing, crowd controlling, politicians are after.)  In short, according to the bill, you must buy it, and if they’re going to sell it, they are going to have to do it at a loss, which cannot be done, and the business stay open.

2. The Government will then BE our health insurance. – However long this process is going to take, I do not know, but once Health Insurance Companies are out of business, the government will be right there to step in.  Once they do, “they got ya where they want ya, and now their gonna get ya.” – (Old story from childhood.)  Whether every one involved intends for this or not now, ultimately we are going to be in the position of the Government controlling our health care, and hence our health.

3. The Government Controlling our Health is the Ultimate Issue. – Once they control your health, they can control you.  If you do not behave, the way they intend for you to behave, they are holding your heart surgery over your head.  Better yet, if they are the ones doing the controlling of all health, when you raise your voice of dissent, and disagreement, the medicine that your children are needing for their life-long illness can be placed on hold, until you submit . . .

Now some are going to say, you’re kidding right, our government would never do that to anyone.  Whether you think they would or not, we are going to be in the position to find out!

The fact is that this bill is not about “health care” it is about Socialism taking over, and ending independent freedom.  If we really wanted to take care of “health care” and maintain freedom, the insurance companies would be the last industry to attempt to reform.  1.) They are just billpayers.  They have the right to go into business and enter in to freely negotiated contracts with whomsoever they wish.  That is called Freedom!  If they choose not to enter into a contract with an individual, for whatever reason, they certainly have that right.  Right now I have the freedom to enter into contracts with those I want to do business with, and refuse to enter into contracts with those I do not want to do business with.  That is called Freedom.  If the government wants to deal with the rising cost of health care, it only makes sense to deal with rising CAUSE of expensive health care. – It is strange – rather than going after the one sending the bills, the government goes after the ones paying the bills . . . (Which I don’t blame Dr’s for the cost either, I’m just making a point.)

There does need to be a change in health care, AND freedom maintained.  That change can only come through the hearts of the American people.  There is a reason that bandaids in the E.R. are $75.  It is because there are so many people looking for, living for, and willfully in need of a free ride.  Imagine a country in which every able bodied American had the attitude in which they worked, saved, paid their bills, and lived within their means.  Do you know what would happen?   Bandaids in the E.R. would be a nickle.  $8,000/day hospital stays would go back to something payable by the ordinary person.  Health care is high because, 1. – There are some people that can pay, but won’t.  2. There are those ready, willing and able, to take every Dr. to court for ordinary human mishaps, and 3. some “profit margins” may actually too high.  What would bring that down? – Competition (Freedom)

The next thing that someone is going to bring up is “R E A L I T Y”. – People aren’t the way they’re supposed to be.  Then I say as gently as I can, that’s just too bad.  I heard over and over again during the Congressional debacle that “Health Care is now a Right, and Not a Privilege.”  The German word for that is  . . . “bologna.” 

No man has a “RIGHT” to something that he does not produce, or contribute to it’s production.  Lazy people do not have the “RIGHT” to eat, according to the Word of God.  This mindset that “all consequences of bad behavior must be compensated for by everyone else” is straight from hell itself.  It is diametrically opposed to the plain message given to us in the Word of God.

In God’s economy, hard work is rewarded, and success is not punished.  Laziness is not compensated for at all; hunger and need are the consequences of those who will not work.  There is a place, and cause, and rightfully so, for helping people who CANNOT do for themselves.  That is where Compassion comes in.  Compassion is to be given for those who “cannot”, never for those who “will not.”

Back to my original premise.  The Domino has fallen.  Things are set in motion.  We have sacrificed freedom for health.  We deserve neither.  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barak Hussein Obama, have led our elected kool-aid drinkers into believing that it is better to be healthy and at the mercy of a government, than it is to be a free and independent people. 

What’s the answer? – Jesus.

Until people are clean hearted, they’ll never be clear minded.  Lost hearts have blind minds, and they cannot truly see the light of day.  Education is good, but all it can ever do is make demons more “clever devils.”   When the Lord Jesus Christ, takes charge of a surrendered soul, things get fixed, that people didn’t know were broken.  He alone can bring about any real change that is worth making.

2 comments on “Heading into 1775 All Over Again

  1. Tom R says:

    Hi Jeff – hope you’re doing well.

    Wondered if you have stayed up on the Ergun Caner issues of late.

    I know you wrote here about attacking pastors…what do you think about Caner? Do you regard this as an “attack” on Caner, to point out that he basically lied and misled the people of Jacksonville right after 9/11?

    I find it very, very disturbing that any man, especially a man who calls himself a preacher, a man who preaches the Bible and is supposed to be preaching Jesus the way, the life the TRUTH…and yet he fibs about the very circumstances leading up to his conversion.

    When I read of Paul’s conversion in the NT, I assume it is true. Why would someone who has come to Christ feel the need to embellish drastically their conversion, and make 9000+ people believe they were actually a terrorist trained in Europe when they were in reality just a chubby kid in Columbus?

    I have been pretty well raked over the coals by the Pattersonites on other blogs, but would love to hear your take on Caner.

  2. Tom,

    Been away from here for a little while, and so I’m back now and glad to see your message.

    I am a Caner fan, but my knowledge of the allegations against him is limited, and second hand. I don’t really know enough to have a settled thought about it.

    I am more familiar with Emir. Emir is scheduled to preach at our church’s Bible Conference in 2011. I have visited with him more, and am better acquainted, (albeit still not much, but better) than with Ergun.

    One of the things that has drawn me to them is their sympathy, and somewhat agreement with the basic Bible beliefs associated with Landmarkism. 1 – Perpetuity of the church. 2 – Closed Communion, – 3 – Church authority, etc. I think the opponents in the Southern Baptist Convention now are calling them the “Baptist Identity” or “BI” guys.

    As far as Ergun goes, I will catch up on your blog, as I’m sure you’ve chronicled the issue precisely. And I am certain that you’re writings of the allegations are truly fair and balanced.

    I will give the issue some serious thought.

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