Holy War

Personally, I’ve had it.  With the news that a mosque is scheduled to be dedicated at Ground Zero in New York on September 11th, 2011; and with the Presidential declaration that we are no longer a Christian nation; and with the sentiment that Islam is good, and Christianity is bad, I have had it with the evil empire of Islam rising in our nation, and there are some things that I am going to do about it as best I can.

First and foremost, I will no longer be silent in the pulpit concerning anything, or anyone relating to the laws of our land, and the elected officials in our nation.  The fact is that there is no such thing as a separation of church and state, nor is there such a thing as a separation of God and government.  If it is on the ballot it is in the Bible.  God’s word has something to say about everything from Taxes, to Social Welfare, to Economics, to Foreign Policy, to Abortion, and to Marriage.  Now that being said there has never been a time before that I was silent on those issues, but I have never before called names.  I will now.  While the messages that I preach are rebroadcast on a local radio station they will not be “scrubbed.”  I will declare whatever the Bible declares about the issues at hand.  I will declare what the Bible declares concerning the policies of particular candidates.  The fact is that to preach the Bible, is to preach those issues.  One cannot preach the Bible without touching the ballot.

Second – I will not acknowledge that it is a “Christian virtue” to treat other religions as equal and valid.  God never did give Baal fifteen minutes of air time.  I am not interested in what is “fair”, nor should any other believer.  I am interested only in what is right.  The Bible teaches the freedom of men, but not “fairness” or “equality” with bogus beliefs.  Now I want you to think about something for a minute.  Can you imagine someone insisting that Scooby Doo is a prophet, and that Fred Flintstone is God!  Furthermore can you imagine someone being allowed to label that as a legitimate faith and expect government protection.  What’s more, can you imagine defending people, welcoming people and molly coddling people who want to kill you if you refuse to acknowledge that Scooby Doo is a prophet.  Better yet, what if this kind of people worked for, and labored for total control of your country!  

I am here to say that is exactly what is being done!  Islam is no more of a legitimate faith than waging war in the name of Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, or the Tooth Fairy.  There is no Allah, Muhammad is dead, and Islam is pure fiction.  There is as much true about the faith of Islam as there is the moon is made from cheese.  We must stop acting like Islam is a “sane” opinion. 

Now that being said,  the truth is that there is no place in the public arena to acknowledge any claim at legitimacy of Islam.  The war is not between competing religions, the war is between truth and fallacy, and Islam is nothing but  falsehood.  It has gained and spread and risen for two reasons.  Christians are Silent, and Liberals are Cowards.  Liberals are just flat scared that the radical muslims are going to come to this country and kill them or beat them up, and so they think if they’re nice to them, the radicals will embrace them nicely.  Feed the beast, so the beast will be nice.  That’s called “extortion.”

Christians have been too busy chasing the American Dream rather than answering the Kingdom Call.  We live like Americans, rather than Christians.  I am a Christian first, and an American second, but I am full blooded in both.  Somehow Christians have been anesthetized by the materialism and trappings of the day, and while we were sleeping, Socialism has been voted in, Islam has taken captive the affections of our people, and Liberalism has erased any sense of sanity in our culture.   

What to do.

It is time to stop thinking culturally, and start thinking Biblically.  We are not to agree to grant equal time and hearing for false faith.  They are not equal.  Christianity is THE truth, and it’s time Christians start acting like it.  Shortly after 9/11, Osama bin Laden made a taunting statement to the United States, that ought to awaken something in every Christian.  He said, (paraphrase) “We will win, and the reason is simple, our people are not afraid to die.”  It truly is tragic that people will go to hell by the truckloads for a scooby doo religion, and those who know the truth would rather water ski than worship, play rather than pray, and watch 2 hour movies, rather than sit through 40 minute sermons.

I do not know what it will take for Christianity to awake from it’s slumber. We do win in the end, but it is between now and then that causes me to worry.  I pray fervently that the elections in 2010 will see Christian men and women who have solid Biblical convictions be placed into office, and that the fundamental morals and virtues of our faith, be inscribed into our laws. 

I found this quote, and do not know who it is from, but it is so true.  “Liberal democracy in a pluralistic society is an endless but fruitless search for the lowest common denominator that can serve as society’s moral bond.  The more pluralistic the society, however, the more difficult it is to find a common denominator.  Let us try to explain the problem crudely and oversimply, but not entirely inaccurately.

   We did away with state churches in this country so that all the Protestants could feel at home in it.  We de-Protestantized the country so that Catholics, too, could feel at home in it.  We have dechristianized the country to make Jews feel welcome, and then dereligionized it so that atheists and agnostics may feel equally welcome.

   Now we are demoralizing the country so that deviants from accepted moral norms will not feel excluded.  The lowest common denominator, we have discovered, is like the horizon, always approached but never reached. 


I pray for the people who have believed the lies told in the name of the dead man named Muhammed.  I pray earnestly that the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ will penetrate the darkness of their mind, and the borders of their nations.  I encourage you to pray for their conversion as well.  If the zealots of Islam repented of their sins, placed their faith in Christ Jesus, and embraced the word of God, there would be changes indescribable; but I can say with certainty that they would be changes worth making.


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