Why Christians Should not Recognize Islam.

The purpose of my ministry is not merely for people to come to church, but for people to come to Jesus.  Since we believe that our only problem is sin, we need a sin solving solution, and that solution is Jesus Christ. The message we preach is that Jesus saves. The purpose that we worship is because Jesus saves.  The reason that we sing is because Jesus saves.  Everything that we do as Christians is because Jesus saves.  If Jesus doesn’t save, then nothing is saved, all is lost, and everything else is irrelevant.  As the late Dr. Rogers used to say “Our mission is not to make this world a better place to go to hell from.”  If I had to sum up the ministry in a few words, I would have to say that our mission is to get lost people saved, and saved people serious through Jesus.  We are about Jesus Christ and nothing else.  The  flagship verse of scripture that in my view clearly captures our purpose is 2 Corinthians 4:5  “For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord; and ourselves your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

We believe that Jesus is the living Son of God who was born of a virgin, died on a cross, and rose again the third day as a sacrifice for our sins.  If that is not true, then it doesn’t matter what else is.  Here are several reasons that we know of assuredly that Jesus alone saves, and saves forever.

The first thing that we believe about Jesus is that as God’s Son, He is the Exclusive Way to Heaven.  The Bible says in Acts 4:12, “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”  There are three reasons that we believe that Jesus alone is the single solution for sin.

1.) He is Exclusive Because of His Cross

In Hebrews 9:22, the Bible gives us a rule to remember.  “Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission” of sins.  Jesus Christ is the only person ever born to die.  No other individual ever born, has been born for the sole purpose of dying.  You were born to live, but because of sin, you are going to die.  Jesus is the only one to die for our sins.  It is by His blood alone that our sins can be cleansed.  No other “prophet”, “teacher”, or “religion” can tell you that someone died for our sins.  Many have the idea that our good deeds simply have to outweigh our bad deeds.  The problem with that is that, regardless of how many good things you’ve done, the bad things still exist in history.   Secondly, no other religions deal with your nature, they only deal with your deeds.  Christ didn’t just die for what we’ve done, He died for what we are—sinners.  He doesn’t just cleanse us from what we’ve done, He changes what we are.

2.) He is Exclusive Because of His Claim

C.S. Lewis stated it best in his book Mere Christianity.  Jesus Christ is either, “Lord, Lunatic, or Liar.”  Jesus is the only one who has claimed to be God.  Now that claim alone indicates that He is either the Lord, a raving lunatic, or a bogus liar.  He declares Himself to be the only way of Salvation.  Now He is either the only way, or He is not any way.  If He is not the only way, then He is a liar, and no liar can be Lord.

3.) He is Exclusive Because of His Charge

“For the Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment to the Son.”  John 5:22  The fact is that “Allah” is not judge, Jesus is.  Mohammed is not judge, Jesus is.  God the Father doesn’t judge men, Jesus does.  Here is the concrete exclusivity of Jesus Christ in His charge from God.  Jesus will judge all men of every race, in every place.  Why is it that worshippers of Mohammed will not be allowed into heaven? Because Mohammed has not atoned for their sin nature, and therefore Mohammed is not the one who will make the decision.  There is only One Son of God, one Judge of men, and His name is Jesus Christ.  Man must realize that God has handed over the judgment of the human race to Jesus Christ.

The second thing that we believe about Jesus is that not only is He the Exclusive Way to Heaven, but He does have an Inclusive Will.   Jesus said in John 6:37, “Him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.”   It is only the Way of Salvation that is Exclusive, it is not the Will.  The “way” to live is exclusive.  You have to eat.  Regardless of who you are, where you are, what you think, or what you do, if you do not eat you will die.  If a Tibetan monk doesn’t eat, he will die.  If a Buddhist priest doesn’t eat, he will die.  Eating is universally required in order to live.  Eating (and breathing) is the exclusive way to stay alive.  Eating (and breathing) is also Inclusive.  Everyone can eat.  There is not a human being on the face of the earth that, as long as food is provided cannot eat.  It may be with an I.V., a straw, fingers or forks and spoons, but as long as food is available people can eat.  Jesus is the same way.  He is the exclusive way to Salvation, but He has an inclusive will.  Everyone who desires to be saved, can be saved.  Just as there is no one so bad that they cannot eat, there is no one so bad, so wrong, or so rotten that Jesus cannot save them if they want to be saved.

 The bottom line is that truth is, and all else isn’t.  The Gospel is that Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation for any man.  He alone is the truth, and it is not an evil thing to say so.  As a matter of fact the most loving thing that any Christian can do is to hold firm to the fact of our Loving Lord, and Saving Savior.  He alone is a wonderful change worth making.


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