Politically Correct, and Globally Accepted Devil Worship

I have had enough!  I don’t know what to do about it, but to say I am so grateful that Jesus is Lord! 

It is time that we add another name to the list of names that the devil has.  Obviously he has many like; Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Great Dragon, Satan, Old Scratch and other homespun labels.  However we need to put one more on that list, and that is the name Allah.  Furthermore we need to add another character to the list of men that have embodied the spirit of Antichrist, and that is the name of Mohammed. 

The word “anti” added to the title of Christ not only means opposed to, but also means in place of.  The label of antichrist can be placed on anyone in any time that presents themselves to be the messiah of men.  Of course Mohammed fits that discription.

From Baal to Ashtaroth to Dianna, and now to Allah, the worship of all such false deities is really nothing more than worshipping the devil with a socially accepted title. 

I am tired of Allah.  He is not God, he is Satan.  He is not an acceptable moral equivalent to Christianity, he is a fictitious mask manufactured and modeled by the prince of darkness himself, and it is high time that we cease avoiding saying so.  It must be said unapologetically, and without any mixture of concession.

Now that being the case, let me say this.  What Terry Jones and congregation are attempting  to do is not a statement of faith, it is a grandstanding effort to get their picture made and hand out interviews.  (I guess it worked.)    Aggrandizing, and sensationalizing your rejection of false religion has never been commanded and should never be considered.  We can make firm solid settled statements of faith in much more biblical ways.

H O W E V E R . . .

What infuriates my spirit more than anything else is the notion presented by the talking heads that pastor Jones was putting soldiers and civilians at risk around the world.  That is sheer insanity.  Preacher Jones is not putting our soldiers at risk, Islam is.  Preacher Jones is not a threat to American civilians and Christians around the world, Al Queda is. 

When it all boils down to it, our country is being held hostage, by a bunch of hot headed, ill tempered, devil worshipping lost people who threaten violence any time someone hurts their feelings.  If we move the ground zero mosque, “they’ll riot”.  If you burn the Koran, “they’ll riot.”  If you draw a picture of Mohammed with horns on his head, “they’ll riot.”  If you scratch your head with the wrong hand, “they’ll riot.”  If you step on a crack in the side walk, “they’ll riot.”

Personally, I don’t know what makes me more nauseous.  Their attitude or ours!  Give them what they want so they won’t get violent seems to be the battle cry of our champions today.  We no longer realize that “appeasing the enemy” is nothing more than “fueling” the enemy.   While we have no need to burn Koran’s, we have a great need to send a message to the Islamic world that you cannot and do not threaten us with your uncontrollable temper tantrems every time someone hurts your feelings.

I have never heard of Christians of any stripe threatening violence, death, and misery to those people who would silence us.  Of course there are people in the world that would burn Bibles, close churches, and eliminate Christianity from the scene.  To my knowledge, no one is mounting an army, collecting arms, and organizing terror camps in the name of Christ.  This kind of behavior is born in the hostility and vitriol that Satan has for God, and such a spirit always will boil out of those in league with Lucifer.

What is the cure? – Jesus.  Only Jesus.  There is no political solution.  There will never be a social meeting of the minds that reasonably brings about a truce.  There is no truce between the God and the devil.  The devil loses and Jesus wins.

I am tired of our country appeasing Allah and opposing Jesus.  There will never be unity or harmony between the two because they are mutually exclusive.  Jesus is true.  Allah is false.  Never shall the two mix.  Realizing that is a needed change worth making.


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