Nothing Secular

  One of the most precious gifts that we enjoy as American Christians, is the privilege to choose our national leaders, and our practical legislators.  Not every Christian on earth has the freedom to take part in such a process, but we do; and with such a blessing comes a great responsibility.  That being said there are some things that every Christian must consider, as we begin to consider who it is that we want to place in public office.

#1 – Lost people do not vote like Saved people.  We should not expect them to. The reality is that a lost heart has a blind mind, and cannot see things the way that God intended for them to be seen.  The late Adrian Rogers preached a sermon once that identified this as a form of insanity. They simply cannot see life in the light of truth.  They do not value what a saved person values, nor do they function the way that  saved person functions.  I am not talking about the difference between religious people and non-religious people, I am speaking about the distinct and eternal difference between someone who has the Spirit of Christ in them, and those who do not. That’s why it is imperative for Christians to understand that legislation is not the cure for the common culture; evangelization is!

As previously mentioned that does not mean they are not people of faith.  In fact, every person on planet earth is a person of faith.  Every person on planet earth believes something.  They may believe that there is no God, they may believe that there are many gods; they may believe that nothing plus time produces everything; but the fact is that they all believe something, even if they believe in nothing.  The difference is not whether or not someone is a believer; the difference is whether or not they are  believing the truth, or they are believeing a lie?  That’s why it should never suprise us when people who believe in a lie wind up voting for liars.  Faith in that which is false will always take us down roads that are wrong.  We need never be surprised by the fact that sinful people make sinful choices.  Christians living according the flesh, in pragmatic terms, have the same effect on society as lost people living according to the flesh.  It is that fact that ought to catch our attention.

#2 Saved people Should not Vote like Lost people!  – Christians often get frustratd when lost people won’t vote like they’re saved; but the greater mystery, and greater tragedy is when saved people insist on voting like they’re lost.  When a man who has the Spirit of Christ in him, thinks like a man who is filled with the spirit of Wall Street, he loses his opportunity to be salt to society ; light to the world; and be pleasing to God.

The bona fide, card caring, industrial strength, Spirit filled Christian does not consider the same issues, as Main Street Mickey, and Wall Street Wally.  Far too many Christians want to know about the policies of a candidate rather than the power of the candidate.  The primary question that needs to be asked, is who rules this wanna be ruler?  Who leads this possible leader?  Who is the power behind this person.  The answer to that question resides in the object of their true faith.  Is their faith in themselves, are they trusting the polls, or are they relying on depraved common sense.

The first question that needs to be asked of any candidate is this; do they have access to true wisdom?  Not wordly wisdom, not economic wisdom, not international wisdom, but true wisdom.  I’m not speaking of the kind of wisdom that is fleshly, worldly, and “devilish”, as described in the Bible, but the kind of wisdom that comes from God alone! 

Now that being said, you can write it down in big plain letters, that an Athiest doesn’t have it; an Agonistic doesn’t have it, a Mormon doesn’t have it, an unsaved Baptist preacher doesn’t have it.  Any man outside of Jesus Christ, does not have access to true divine wisdom!  As Colossians 3:2 states of Jesus that in “him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” – So the first question that has to be asked is, does this candidate have access to the throne room of God!

The second question is will he use it.  Far too many Christians go to the hallowed halls of this land, and then forget the source of true wisdom that is available to them. It is one thing to find a candidate who knows the Lord, it is another thing to find one who will surrender his leadership to the Lord.  Will that candidate think, vote, and function, Biblically, Spiritually, and to the best of his/her ability seek the Lord’s face in every issue before them. 

The primary lie that most people believe is that there is a difference between the sacred and the secular.  As I have said repeatedly, if it is on the ballot, it is in the Bible!  God’s Word has something to say about everything!  God’s Word speaks to financial issues, domestic issues, and international issues.  Too many Christians have laid the supremacy of Christianity on the altar of pluralism.  They have lowered the view of Christianity to same place as any other common faith.

Of course the rest of the world believes we are one among many.  Real Christians don’t believe that.  We are not one faith among many, we know the truth that is true for every single man.

Some well meaning Christian told me recently that the world doesn’t trust my judgment because of things I say and the way that I think.  Of course they won’t!  The world thinks I’m foolish for trusting Jesus, believing the Bible, and attempt to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Here is the permanent divide that no Christian should ever cross. – The world will never accept our way of thinking, and we cannot compromise it so they will!  We are to never shy away from thinking with the mind of Christ, just because we will look foolish to the world.  Might I remind you, we preach the gospel – it is foolish to the world.  “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness, but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”  I would remind every believer in the Lord Jesus.  It is not the world we are trying to please, but it is God! I will not be so foolish as to say the issues of our time are not to be factors in our voting.  However I will be so bold as to say, that those issues are not the first issues to consider.  The Bible says that a “poor man is better than a liar”.  Character and Spiritual conviction trump job experience, and financial successes.  

Much was said four years ago about “Change”.  The reality is that nothing has changed except the fact that the circumstances of our time are more confusing, conflicting, and troubling than they’ve ever been in my lifetime.  I will be so bold as to say this.  Nothing will change this country apart from Jesus.  There is no candidate, there is no Congress, there is no convention that will change this nation.  Change rests in one person, and one person alone, and that’s Jesus.  If anything is going to be different after our next elections, it will reside in whether or not our chosen leaders, will actually, practically, and fundamentally follow the Lord Jesus Christ in every decision that they make.  The world at large does not want that.  The glory of it all is that one day, no one will stop that.  That’s why we call Him King Jesus.  King is a governmental term, and a political office, and one of these days He will take the throne.  When He does, every one will be convinced that He is the change worth making.

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