True Hate Speech – Lou Giglio and the Tragedy of our Country

Originally posted in November of 2010.  – In light of the pressure from Homosexual Groups and such acceptance of them from the President of the United States, Atlanta Pastor Lou Giglio and the White House have made the decision that he should not pray at the Presidential inauguration.  It does appear that it is officially a sin to call sin a sin.  This is an article I wrote two years ago, that I will reiterate.



There seems to be nothing more tragic than the loss of a young person.  To make matters even worse is when that loss comes as a result of a suicide.

In the last few months, there have been a number of such tragedies that have reached the pages of our “badnewspapers”.  From the young man at Rutgers, to other young teenagers, the suicides of these young men have proven to highlight the depth of our nation’s depravity. 

Aside from their tragic loss, one thing that appeared to be a common denominator in their lives was the fact that they were involved in homosexual relationships, and were somehow being bullied for such.  (The information I am referring to was found while reading an article by Al Mohler,

Let it be said without equivication.  Violence, bullying, persecution, sarcastic denegration, and oppression are inhumane to say the least, and have no place whatsoever being poured out on our fellow man.  Vitriol of any kind for any reason should never be aimed at another human being.   

To make the tragedy that much worse, it has been/will be the wrong side of the homosexual agenda that will seize these calamities, and sensationalize them to further their cause.  No doubt, the liberal logic will follow, that if “homosexuality was completely acceptable to everyone, there wouldn’t have been any bullying, and these teens wouldn’t have suffered mercilessly, and felt the pressure was too much.”  Or something like that.  Whatever, and however, the liberal homosexual agenda will grab this opportunity to further their attempts at promoting their laws against “hate speech” (as they define it).  Their agenda is to “normalize” that which is not normal, and “demonize” those who are not demons.

The saddest fact of all is that the most hateful form of speech is often what is not said.  How horrible would it be to find out that you had a life-ending disease, and only a had a few days to live?  To make it worse, how much more horrible would it be to find out that your doctor knew 5 years ago, and chose not to tell you? 

The Christian message of the sanctity of marriage, and the unrighteousness of homosexuality continues to be categorized by many as hate speech.  The longer we go, the more intense the accusations come.  The ultimate reality is that absolutely nothing could be further from the truth.  God’s Word makes it plain that “faithful are the wounds of a friend.”  Now there are a couple of things here that must be pointed out:

First, – Saying that something is inherently wrong, is not hate!   I have never heard someone accused of hate speech for saying that it was morally wrong to steal.  Nor have I heard anyone be accused of hate speech for speaking out against murder.  It is not wrong to call wrong, wrong!  Nor is it hate in any way.  I hope and pray that the doctor will call a cancer what it is.  I certainly wouldn’t want him to call a stage four melanoma a beauty mark.  In fact if he did and I knew better I might deduce that, that particular doctor hated me.  To not call wrong, wrong, is true hate speech.  It is wrong for the government to overstretch their jurisdiction and take from one man what he has rightfully earned and give to another man who did nothing for, but I do not hate the government.

Muslims are wrong.  I don’t hate them.

Catholics are wrong. I don’t hate them.

Democrats are painfully wrong.  I don’t hate them.

Alcoholism is wrong, I don’t hate alcoholics.

Drug addiction is wrong.  I don’t hate drug addicts.

and Homosexuality is wrong, but I do not hate homosexuals.  I resist their political agenda with every fiber in my being, but I hope and pray that the light of Christ will shine in their hearts.

Second – Sexuality is as much a moral issue as is anything else.  God has declared it in His Word, and right thinking Christians who rightly divide His Word, will rightly say that such behavior as adultery and homosexuality are wrong.  

Now back to what brought my attention to this issue in the first place. 

Two terrible factors took place in the lives of these young men: What they weren’t told, and what they were told.   Somebody didn’t tell them the truth about sexuality and righteousness.  Somebody didn’t tell them about God’s plan for mankind. Somebody didn’t tell them about God’s great love and grace and help in times of desperate need. 

Then what someone did tell them was brutal.  What someone did say in one way or another, was that there was no hope for them, and that the world didn’t want them.   What someone eventually did was to treat them like they weren’t human beings.

The reality is that when the good news is not spread, the bad news will flourish.  When the love of Christ is ruled out, then the hatred of the flesh will just rule. 

Not preaching the good news of Jesus Christ, to a lost and dying world is tantemount to true hate speech.  It is absolutely imperative for people of all races, religions, moralities, dysfunctions, and dilemma’s to know and understand that Jesus Christ is the change worth making.


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