Why There Will Never Be Same Sex Marriage, Regardless of the Supreme Court

bibleweddingring     “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools . . .”  Romans 1:22

  When I read Romans chapter 1, on one side of my desk, and the news reports on the other side, I almost can’t tell which one was written first. The similarities between the first chapter of Romans and the current chapter of Americans, are so uncanny that it makes Romans 1 look like a blog article from theology professor Paul.  I used to read that chapter as an explanation of man’s descent into the darkness of depravity, but as each day goes by I am becoming inclined to think that it was secret prophecy for the 21st century – (tongue in cheek)

The Supreme Court of the United States is taking up the issue of whether or not is should be legal in this country for men to marry men, and women to marry women.  The court did not ask for this question, our society and culture has merely given it to them.  As I write this, I do not have any idea what their verdict will be, but I will say this, it is categorically irrelevant.  The fact is, there will never, no never, under any possible legitimate circumstance be same-sex marriage.  It does not now exist, and it will never exist, and there is no institution on planet earth that can cause it to exist; because the settled truth is that same-sex marriage . . . is not marriage.

Men may hijack God’s words, but they have no power to amend His dictionary.  The Psalmist so eloquently stated once and for all of time, “For ever O LORD, thy Word is settled in Heaven.” – Psalm 119:89  Ultimately truth is as fixed as yesterdays sunset and men’s terminology changes nothing. 

Now the Supreme Court may decide to call, “Same-Sex Marriage” Marriage, but that doesn’t make it so.  Marriage made on earth does not rise to the level of Marriage made in heaven, and ultimately the Lord has no regard for man’s opinion or definition of terms.  That being said, while watching the demise and disintegration of society is soul-wrenching, blood boiling, and heart breaking, those who know the Lord Jesus have to see the greater tragedy than just the sin of homosexuality, we must see the madness of sin, and the sadness of tomorrow.

The Foolishness of Iniquity – “Professing themselves to be wise they became fools” – There is nothing more foolish for man than to think that “truth” can be tamed and controlled to fit his own (little k) kingdom.  When you read Romans 1, you see Paul’s description of men trying to “change the glory of God” and then trying “change the truth of God” each time growing more and more insane.  The Lord’s response to such foolishness is to give them what they desire.  He let fools become more foolish, He let the blind become “more blind”, and He unleashed the reprobate mind to go ahead and work its wickedness.  It is almost maddening to watch the self-destruction and social suicide of a nation of people strutting to hell, thumbing their noses and wagging their tongues at the God who loves them and wants to save them.  I have no idea where I read it, but the single greatest absurdity I have ever heard in my life came from someone who had the insanity to say with grit in his teeth and both feet planted firm, “I would rather rule in hell with the devil, than serve in Heaven with Jesus.”  While that betrays lunacy at the highest degree, the true sadness of it all, is that the Lord will give him his desire, (except the part about ‘ruling.’)

The Facade of Victory – I do not yet know what the outcome will be from the Supreme Court.  However for the moment it appears that sin is winning, and that the homosexual agenda will appear to prevail.  If that be so, we must remember that sin will never win.  In other words, regardless of their momentary victory, nothing has changed with the Lord.  One of the ironies of those involved in todays “debates” is that those in favor of same-sex marriage call themselves “Progressives”; I can’t think of a name any less fitting for a people are who are so bent on the Regression of society and culture.  The only thing “Progressing” is the march into darkness and the pace in which we’re moving.

The Fact of Eternity – “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.” – Psalm 119:89.  God’s dictionary is secure.  It is firm, and it is final, and man can hijack words and rearrange letters all he wants to, and he is no better than a mad man painting walls on a burning house.  God’s Word on the matter is settled, and there is no unsettling it.   This is the heart of why we preach the gospel. – Man is born incapable of being what God requires.  Because of a man’s human nature, (sin nature) it is impossible for him to be what God’s settled Word in heaven demands; and it is the upside down nature of this world to “change the standard to conform to man” rather than “change the man to conform to the standard.” – God will never change the truth to fit a man, but He always changes a man to fit the truth.  Specifically speaking to the issue of homosexuality, men believe they are born this way and it must be accepted, celebrated and nurtured.  As one television news anchor said recently, “It’s crazy to think that man can change his sexuality.” – It’s not crazy, it is the call of the Lord.  It is true, men cannot change themselves, that’s why we preach the gospel – the good news is that Jesus Christ, forgives sin and changes the man.

The homosexual should change because the Lord has called it sin – the homosexual can change because through the New Birth with new life, new heart, and the new mind Christ gives a new man.    The homosexual should change, not because preachers think so, or because a large portion of society thinks so, but because God has called us all to change from the way we were born by being born again through faith in Christ.  If the Bible said something different we would too.

Changing man’s definition of marriage is no change at all, because man can’t change the definition of marriage, it is set, settled, and secure in the eternal vaults of heaven’s book.  The courts can change all the words they want to, but they are not changes worth making.  Coming to Jesus is the only place where eternal change happens, and therefore the only change ever worth making.


2 comments on “Why There Will Never Be Same Sex Marriage, Regardless of the Supreme Court

  1. PJ Fleck says:

    Very well written and documented. To God goes the glory!

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