Jason Collins, Chris Broussard, and the Truth

woe    A man can truly know more about tomorrow by reading the scriptures than anyone can know about today reading the papers.  All things warned about, are coming about, and while the fulfilling of scriptures is sweet to the eyes, it is bitter to the heart.  The homosexual revolution described in the first chapter of Romans is happening before our eyes in the latest chapter of Americans.  What was once recognized as sin, is now celebrated, and being paraded around like a grand triumph of the human spirit.  Like a social teeter-totter as one “movement” goes up, the opposing “movement” appears to be going down.

It seems to be a great day for the Social Engineers and the lame stream media right now. One professional athlete receives high praise for being gay, and a professional Christian athlete provides great joy for being fired.  As Jason Collins was glorified for being a homosexual, Tim Tebow  an outspoken Christian, provided almost as much joy to the social sports nation because he was fired.  Right now it is hard to determine what the social sports world is more happy about.

Jason Collins an NBA Basketball player has announced to the world that he is gay, and by the response of the media one would think he has single handedly paid off the national debt, saved the whales, cured cancer, and vanquished conservatives henceforth and forever more.  I do not know Jason Collins, and have no ill will towards him.  Nor do I think he should be “discriminated against” in his profession.  Whether he plays basketball or not is up to the talent evaluation of the coaches.  His homosexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with his profession, and he should not be rejected because of it, in the same sense that we do not discriminate against adulterers, idolators, and heretics.  However the whole affair has nothing to do with sports, and has everything to do with marginalizing and nullifying the influence of the Word of God in a culture that is ripe with hatred for truth and righteousness. 

Chris Broussard, on the other hand, is an ESPN NBA analyst who is a Christian with Biblical convictions, and the courage to say so on the air.  With much dignity, courtesy, class, and respect  he clarified the Biblical position not only on homosexuality, but on heterosexuality and all forms of sin.  Of course, his comments were immediately labeled as “controversial” and no doubt by some mean, ignorant, and ill-informed.  To add to the day of media frenzy, outspoken Christian Tim Tebow was released by his football team, and there seemed to be a giddiness among the media about him finally being out of the league. (at least for now.) 

I have no doubt that this is the first flame of a firestorm that will come.  Not because of the sense of movement in the culture, but because of the revelation of the scriptures.  I readily admit that there are some people who see Christian persecution behind every blade of grass.  While sensationalizing, aggrandizing, and the exaggerating of Christian harassment does happen, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the truth is this culture is formally embracing their nature, and increasingly do not want us here.  The culture does in fact seem to have a sign on the front door, “job opening – Christians need not apply.”

The battle for the dictionary is raging.  The demand to define us, marginalize us, and silence us, is rising.  As Adrian Rogers used to say, “The only sin in this country is to call sin, sin.”   It is ironic that one of the accusations some have made toward Chris Broussard is that he is “ill-informed” or not “enlightened.”  The reality is that it is those people who are truly ill-informed about Christianity and about the Word of God, because it is the polar opposite of the world’s message.  The world has been deceived into believing the message, “embrace yourself” and “be who you are.”  The Biblical message is “be born again, who and what you are is the problem.”  What the world says embrace, the Bible calls us to flee.  Where society says to rejoice, the Bible says to repent!  What the world Praises, God judges.  Man as he is born,  is completely unacceptable to the God of Creation, because of his sin nature, or even more easily understood his human nature.  This is what means to “fall short of the glory of God.” Man is not naturally what he was created to be, as a race of creatures he became corrupted by sin, and the Lord has been calling Him out of that ever since.

If I could speak openly to the nation and have a voice that would be heard.  As gently as I could, but as firmly as I could, I would say with both feet planted firm, “Homosexuality is a sin, – and it is not “hatred or bigotry” to say so.  We are not wrong for believing such, and we who name the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, will not now, nor will we ever “accept it” as praiseworthy and normal.  As long as we have breath in our lungs, and blood in our veins, we will ever be preaching the Word of God, and calling all sin, sin, whether it be a sexual sin, a social sin, or a doctrinal sin. Under the authority of the Word of God, we will always be calling all men to repent of their sin, and come to Jesus Christ in faith.  I’ve never met a man yet who Jesus wouldn’t save, change, and guide that truly trusted Him.   Preaching, and teaching anything else is not a change worth making.


2 comments on “Jason Collins, Chris Broussard, and the Truth

  1. Danny Fudge says:

    Good article. danny


  2. Gary Copeland says:

    You hit the target!

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