An Open Letter to President Obama . . . Christians and Conscience

consciencetowardGod    “For this is thankworthy, if a man for conscience toward God endure grief, suffering wrongfully.  For what glory is it, if, when ye be buffeted for your faults, ye shall take it patiently? but if, when ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take it patiently, this is acceptable with God.” 1 Peter 2:19-20

  If I were to have an audience with President Obama, with the grace of God in my heart and on my lips, there are certain facts that I believe he needs to be aware of, if he is going to have all the necessary information he needs to lead this country.  I have no doubt that we have the greatest intelligence agency on earth; furthermore I am certain that the President has surrounded himself with some of the most “informed” people on the planet;  however, it appears to me that certain truths, certain facts, and certain pieces of “intelligence” are not making it all the way to the top.  That being said, here are a two things that I believe he needs to be made aware of.

#1 – The Christian Conscience – Mr. President, one of the things that seems to be missing from all the factors of your decision-making is the fact of the Christian Conscience.  The fact is that the conscience of the Christian is empowered by his obligation to God, more so than his deference to the government.  The man who has been transformed, indwelt, and taken over by the Spirit of Christ, no longer recognizes the government as his highest authority; – that’s why we call Jesus “LORD.” 

Now this ought to be an important fact to you Mr. President, because it is our Lord that instructs us to obey the ordinances of government.  It is the Lord who has instructed me and directed all Christians to be submissive and supportive of the governing bodies of society.  Furthermore it is our Lord Who has instructed me to pray for you, which I have and do.  It is my Lord that has directed my loyalty to my government. Without intending to sound  cheeky, I can illustrate my point this way:  I do not pay my taxes because I get a bill in the mail, I pay my taxes because I have a Bible on my desk.  As a Christian, ultimately I do not submit to the ordinances of the government because I am afraid of the police, I submit to the ordinances of government because I love my Lord.  Make no mistake, I am proud to be an American, I am thankful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I will always have an American flag on the front porch of my house, and would gladly fight for the freedoms this country has protected for me.  However, as Christians we do not take our orders from the king of England, or the “king of the world,” we take our orders from the King of Kings.  As far as He instructs us to follow you and support you we will, but the minute you do one of two things, I am afraid that we will no longer be able to walk together.  The minute that you direct us to do something that is in disobedience to the Lord, rest assured that direction will fall on deaf ears. Furthermore, the minute that you forbid us from being obedient to the Lord, that legislation will mean nothing to us either.

Now the reason you need to know this Mr. President, is to help you understand why it is that a Christian cannot, and will not agree with you on the direction for which this country needs to go.  It is because of the Jesus inside us  that we are against the idea of a forced “spreading of the wealth,” forcible funding of abortions, legalized gay marriage.  The problem Mr. President is not that you are contending with us, but you are contending with the Jesus that’s in us.  I would say you can write this down big, plain and straight . . .If Jesus was for legalized abortions, we would be too.  If Jesus said that gay marriage was normal, acceptable, and praiseworthy then know of a certainty, we would too.  If Jesus was for taking something from one man who worked for it, to give to another man who wouldn’t work for it, then we would be as well. 

What I want to communicate to you, is the fact that when you Mandate a Christian to pay for abortions, you are commanding them to disobey their Lord.  Furthermore, when you forbid someone from exercising spiritual discretion in the management of their company, you are forbidding them from obeying the Lord.  Regardless of what the legal muckitymucks say, we are all aware of the fact that companies are private properties of individuals and owners with their own moral compass. My assumption is that you are unaware of this fact because someone as intelligent as you, and as compassionate as you, and someone who names the name of Jesus as you, would surely never with full awareness put Christians in the place of having to choose between their Lord, and their loyalty to their government.

But . . . Mr. President if you are aware of that fact, and you are in full cognizance  with malicious intent attempting to force a Christian to obey someone other than the Lord and contrary to the Lord, you should know now that will never happen.  With all proper and due respect, you will never legislate the Christian conscience, wisdom, or principles out of this society without ridding it of true Christians.  There is nothing “socially right” that is “spiritually wrong” and there is no compromise between the two.  My favorite preacher used to say, “It is far better to be divided by truth than united in error.”  All of Congress may change the language from “Freedom of Religion” to “Freedom of Worship” and it will not fool anyone. We will always hold on to our freedom of religious conviction on all moral issues, not merely our  freedom to worship in an open assembly.  Rights and Freedoms do not come from governments, they are merely to be protected by governments.  The dilema too often is that you seem to think certain things are “rights” that the Lord Jesus does not.

#2  – The American Conscience – The other issue that I would bring to the Presidents attention is the fact of the American conscience.  The bottom line Mr. President is that too often, you seem to want things for this country, I do not want.  Some of them is because I am a Christian, and some of them is because I am an American. You often speak of “shared values” but I have yet to hear a value that we share.  You are for “gun control” and I believe everyone ought to be able to control their guns.  You seem to see society as a “collective” that we all must work for, such as the “It takes a Village” mindset.  I see society as a world full of individuals who are only as together as they volunteer to be. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child it takes a family.  You seem to see that people are to be dependent upon government, and I see that a government is to be dependent upon the people.  You seem to be for “globalism” and I am for Independent Sovereignty.  There will never be a time when I as an American will be interested in submitting to “international courts,” or United Nation treaties that hand over sovereignty to foreign opinions.

The fact is that “we’re not all in this together.”  There are evil people, evil countries and evil empires in the world, and I would venture to say that not only me but countless other Americans have no desire to hold hands with them.  We do not wish to be part of a great big “global village.”  I am not against peace on earth, I am against peace with the devil, and as long he’s running some of the countries in the world I have no interest in shaking hands and trading imports.  

Now I will close with this.  I have absolutely no ill-will toward you personally.  I do pray for you as a leader, and I hope the very best for your family.  I commend you on the example you set as being a devoted husband, involved father, and caring family man.  However I am compelled to let you know why it is, that you will receive no support, and no submission to certain laws that you and Congress have introduced, and/or wish to introduce to the citizens of this country.  

If at any point, by your choosing, if we have to “suffer the consequences” of obeying the Lord against your laws, then I hope and pray for the strength to stand; and two I count it a great comfort that the Lord has told us that it is a “Thankworthy” thing to suffer the consequences of having a “conscience toward God.” Living any other way is not a change worth making.


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