What Bill Maher Cannot Know . . . (or any other atheist for that matter.)


“Now he which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God; Who hath sealed us and given us the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts.” – 2 Corinthians 1:21-22

One of the most wonderful, yet tragic truths in the entire Bible is the fact that “every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.”  It is wonderful because I have, do, will and look forward to confessing it all through eternity.  There is no higher privilege, greater honor, or deeper need than to get in place underneath the living Lord.  It will be tragic, because for many it will come through clenched teeth, bitter spirits or desperate and begging hearts at a time too late.

Recently Bill Nye “the science guy”, whom I have always enjoyed watching, stood on the wrong side of a debate with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis to my great disappointment.  Ken Ham did a marvellous job upholding the authority of the scriptures as the supreme rule for thought.  Though Nye seemed to “hitch” him in his response about how he interprets the Bible, Ham stood firm for the Genesis account of creation according to science, and the direct revelation from the scriptures.  While watching the debate my heart hurt to see a man as Nye,  so intelligent, so brilliant, so filled with knowledge, not be able see the truth.  As Paul said in 2 Corinthians 4, “the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them that do not believe.”  Never was this truth so clearly evident to me than while watching this debate.

Following the debate, I listened to some other unrelated interviews with other well-known atheists.  One in particular seemed to draw me in a little closer.  When Mike Huckabee interviewed Bill Maher, Bill said something that betrays the pride that blinds, and the arrogance that is the barrier between him and the things of God.  While being interviewed about Maher’s film “Religilous” he asserted a fact that no atheist can prove, or have an answer for.  He stated with boldness and brashness, “I don’t have the power to know what happens when a person dies, and neither do you Mike.” – Paraphrase – (You do not have any power that I do not have!) which rings the bell for every atheist and his cousins dog. 

Using the scientific evidence of earth and space and history to disprove the Bible, the fact of God, and the truth of Christ is like using the rules Nascar to referee the Super Bowl.  The Bible is not a science book, but the science that is in it is exact.  It is not a Math Book, but the Math in it is precise.  It is not a history book, but the History that is in it, is accurate.  Richard, his brother Bill and his other brother Bill, ridicule and reject a book they know nothing about.  A song the atheists often chant, but have no music for, is their favorite chorus about the Bible being filled with contradictions.  The problem is that there are no contradictions in the Bible rightly, and contextually understood.  They often make the claim, but never can find one.

Now all of that being said, there is something that is empirical evidence for the Christian, that is invisible evidence to the atheist.  Bill Maher’s claim to Mike Huckabee, “You do not have any power I do not have” is perhaps the most arrogant ignorance that can come from a human mind.  There are several things to deal with concerning that claim.

Bill makes several claims in that one statement.

     #1 – If anyone had that power, it wouldn’t be mindless Christians.

    #2 – If anyone did have the power to have ultimate truth, it would be people like him.

    #3 – We cannot have something that he does not.

The bottom line is that isn’t true.  I do have something that Bill does not have that is far and away more self-evident proof than anything found in a test-tube or under a microscope.  I have the Holy Spirit of God living in me.  There are no fossils in the ground, no light years measured in space, and no radiocarbon dating that can contradict that.  A Christian’s empirical evidence is his relationship and fellowship with Christ.  An atheists barrier is his inability to see that, experience that, or test that.  The truth is that God does not reveal Himself through the intellect of the mind, but by illuminating the heart. (2 Corinthians 4:5-6)

As a born again believer, I do have something that no man can say I do not have, nor can any other man explain it away.  It transcends all arguments, defeats all oppositions, and settles all doubt. Aliens could land, bones dug up with Jesus name on them, and forty seven “evolutionary missing links”, and not one of those things trumps the fact of the Holy Spirit confirming the Holy Word in the heart of a repentant man. 

Richard, his brother Bill, and his other brother Bill without question are highly intellectual men who cannot know what we know; nor do they have any footing to deny what exists inside of us as Christians.  They have no place to stand on which they can deny what I plainly know, nor can they analyze, explain away or refute it.  There is nothing more arrogant than for one man to tell me what I don’t have in Christ Jesus. Furthermore this is not my testimony alone, but rather the testimony of tens of millions of people down through time.  Countless people have been filled with the Holy Spirit upon their conversion and will testify that it is indeed real, and sure, and true.

My prayer for Richard, Bill and Bill, would be for them to give an unbiased honest evaluation of the claims of the gospel.  The Bible is not a strange book.  If the Bible is what it is says it is, then there are no absurd claims, or leaps of faith to take.  Any man who can accept Genesis 1:1 shouldn’t have any problem with any part of the rest of it.  I may not be able to convince a man of Genesis 1:1 and then lead him to Jesus.  I have never had a problem leading a man who met Jesus into an understanding the realization of Genesis 1:1. 

Letting any argument an atheist makes diminish the evidence I have of the Holy Spirit within me is not a change worth making.





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