Israel, Iran, and the Powers that “Think They” Be

When it comes to the nation of Israel, the United States, and the kingdom of Persia (Iran), the only thing settled about all that is unsettling, is really that all things are settled.  While those who pay attention to international affairs ride the emotional and intellectual see-saw being played out on the evening news over the issue of Iranian nuclear weapons, those who pay attention to the information given to us from the Word of God have cause to stay calm during a wild political stand off.

I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but I don’t have to be to know that after the sunset this evening there is a 100% chance of darkness.  Furthermore, I don’t have to be a prophet to know that what is really at issue, is whether or not Iran will ever possess the capability to wipe themselves off the map, and whoever it might be that they take with them.

The real issue that Christians might wonder about is not whether or not Iran will ever be able to destroy Israel, but who is going to go down with them when they try.  Whoever winds up helping Iran light their own fuse is in as much danger as they are.  The settled and unchangeable fact remains that Israel will remain.

Without question, Iran may damage Israel, but they will not destroy it.  Furthermore, the ultimate danger to Iran, or any other country for that matter that attempts to destroy Israel will call down the thunder on themselves, and lightning on those who help them.  For over 4000 years, empires greater than Iran, men more wicked than Ali Khameni, more liberal than Obama, and dumber than Joe Biden have launched full scale industrial strength efforts to make sure there was no Israel, and through it all, the Lord has kept His Word.

Iran will not destroy Israel.  Period.

Iran may wind up committing suicide in their attempt; they need our prayers.

America can do nothing for Israel, or against Israel; however America behaves toward Israel is one factor in how God behaves toward America. (Genesis 12:3)

The irony of it all is that “the powers that be” are not really the “Powers That Be.”  As the nations go, they cannot break the revealed history of tomorrow, they can only prove it.  The Bible teaches us that the nations of the world will “come against Israel” and without fail, they will fail.  Any country that tries to break that truth merely winds up proving that truth.

Some men look at the word and term of “Prophecy” with a cock-eyed look and a roll of the eyes, as though it is some hokie pentacostal fringe idea that is anti-intellectual, and flat out non-sense.  The truth is that prophecy is revealed history before it happens.  In an oversimplification of terms, in one sense, “the future has already happened” and prophecy is God’s telling us about tomorrow in the same way He has told us about yesterday.  He is beyond time, “declaring the end from the beginning.”  Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last.  He has seen “TIME” in it’s fullness and completion.  He sees all time at the same time, and has told us about it.

Pertaining to our subject we need to know what He’s told us about it . . . Israel wins; and whoever comes against them loses.

The powers that think they be would do well to look to the Powers that really are; doing so would be a welcomed change worth making.

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