An Irrelevant Ruling: The Supreme Kangaroo Court – there is still no such thing as same-sex marriage.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.” – Proverbs 29:2

In the flesh, there is great mourning today. – Our country has sanctioned and celebrated what our President calls a victory, but our God calls an abomination.

In the spirit, there is great joy.  The course of the age is going just as our Lord said it would, and as the darkness creeps across the landscape our heart is lifted with anticipation for the Son-rise.

The bad news for the president and the secular left is that their version of love did not gain a victory, but rather it has done more and more to secure its defeat.  In the ultimate sense of the truth, love does not win, the LORD does.  As Franklin Graham so eloquently put it, “The supreme court did not define marriage, therefore it has no ability to redefine marriage.”

While there is much to be frustrated with in the flesh, when we run to our refuge and strength we are able to see more clearly, rest more calmly, and sooth the agitation that we feel in our hearts.  There is still one unchangeable truth that will pour peace in our hearts like warm sunshine on a cold day;  there is still no same-sex marriage!

Regardless of what the Supreme Court states, marriage is not a legal institution, it is a sacred one.  Man didn’t get to vote on it, define it, describe it, or frame it.  A legal arrangement is not the same as the Sacred Union between a man and a woman.  All that they have accomplished is to give the secular liberals a reason to make a lot of noise, pour a lot of champagne, and add to their list of crimes against the kingdom.  They are almost as giddy as the crucifixion mob in the movie the Passion of the Christ . . . and sadly their outcome will be the same.

Now that being said, there is still no victory for the secularist, because there is no game to play, nor is there a battlefield they can fight on.  They remind me of watching 2nd graders run around in the back yard acting like cowboys celebrating a pretend victory over the Whoopahippie Indians.  Their victory is pretend at worst, hollow at best, because at the end of the day, as Bible believing Christians, we still do not take our cues, or our convictions from the guardians of constitutional purity.

We are under no Biblical mandate to acknowledge this ruling.  Rather we are under the full weight of the Biblical mandate to acknowledge that it is irrelevant.  We do not now, nor will we ever, acknowledge same-sex relationships as marriage.  Period.

There is a difference in that which is legal, and that which is moral.  There is a difference in that which is a rule, and that which is righteous.  What five black -robed high priests of secularism did today was essentially – nothing.  They did not change the definition of marriage, they merely certified the damnation that comes with out right defiance of God’s unchanging word.  As children of God we take our cues from the scripture, never the culture.

Ultimately nothing has actually changed.  Marriage is still marriage.  Abomination is still abomination.  As Vance Havner said once, “You can change labels on a bottle all you want and it’s still just as empty.”  There has been no change worth making.


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