The Reason Donald Trump Won, and Who to Be Angry At

(It’s been a year since I have written an article, but some things can only rest in the chest for so long.)

There are real reasons that Donald Trump won the presidency, and none of them are the reasons that are being proclaimed by the media.

Contrary to Van Jones, it was not “Whitelash.”  (And I can tell him what to tell his children if he would listen.)

Contrary to the DNC, it was not “underestimating Trump.”

Contrary to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC, and even FOX, it was not poor planning, poor scheming, or poor management from the Hillary Campaign, and the DNC.

Regardless of all of the machinations, and brain twisting, mental gymnastics, and social contorting, Donald Trumps victory had nothing whatsoever do with “race”, “hate,” “sexism,” “ignorance,” global warming, or the price of tea in China.  Perhaps one of the most exasperating things to see about this election is the blender of post election intellectual hemorrhaging of people trying to explain how in a rational world this could possibly happen . . . . . . . as though no right minded person in the country wanted it to.

The fact that so many of the media is trying to explain how something so “wrong” could happen in a right minded world betrays the delusional ignorance of the liberal mind.

Furthermore, the tantrums that are being thrown around the country are aimed in the wrong direction.  The people who are tearing down their own house in Portland, which has to be the single most act of insanity that I have ever seen. It has all the rationale of saying, “since 60 million people on the other side of the country voted for Trump, I’m gonna tear down my street lamps and tear up my parked cars” . . . as the great theologian Tim Conway once said . . . . Okie Dokie.

Fits are being thrown around the nation, left-wing media is having emotional meltdowns, and all of the infuriated politicians are aiming their anger at Donald J. Trump – which again makes no real sense.  It shouldn’t take too much thinking to realize it’s not Donald’s fault . . . he only had one vote.

Donald Trump was elected, not because of whitelash, not because of poor DNC planning and scheming, not because of poor management, not because of “flyover ignorance.” – It is not an explanation from failure.  Donald Trump was elected because people like me . . . wanted him to be.

I have said since August, I was voting for Mike Pence, and whoever was on his ticket.

But make no mistake, I want to be very clear about why me, and people like me wanted, desired, thoughtfully, willfully, intentionally, intellectually, and prayerfully voted for Donald Trump on Purpose.  I don’t presume to speak for everyone, but I can speak for me, and people in my circle.

#1 – We voted against Liberal Policies:

We do not want mandated global universal healthcare. Or global, universal anything.  We do not want big government.  We desire not to have it.  We want a small minimally intrusive government, fully understanding what comes with that.  We realize that a small government may mean “problem people” will be problems for law abiding citizens on occasions . . . we’ll handle it. We would rather live free, understanding that there are consequences to living free, and sufferings and problems that go with it, but we want it anyway. We do not want a government that fixes every everything and tries to supply every single safety net that can be imagined.

We do not want the  LGBTQ  agenda to have it’s way in our schools, counties, cultures, etc.  It is not hate to say so.  We hate no one, and regardless of how many times it is said, or how loud it gets said, it is not true.  It is not hate in any way shape form or fashion to say, Men are Men, Women are Women, Marriage is one man plus one woman for life, and no man has editorial license to re-write the biological, and moral dictionary as he sees fit. Man has to adjust to the truth, not the other way around.

We do not want a Supreme Court that takes their opinions to the constitution . . . We do want a Supreme Court that goes to the Constitution in order to find out what opinion they are supposed to have.  No justices, no judge, no official in any way shape form or fashion is to have an agenda of their own . . . it is their responsibility to let the law and the founding documents dictate all judicial rulings.  The constitution is to tell them what to think, not for them to tell the constitution what to say.

We do not want open borders . . . end of subject

We do not believe the wealthy should be punished by taxation, just because they are successful.  Personally, I have had enough of hearing about the rich paying their “Fair Share.”  There is nothing more fair than people paying the same share across the board.  In the Old Testament, the Lord’s tithe was the same for those who made little, or who made a lot.  It is not wrong, in any way shape form or fashion, to be more successful than your neighbor, nor is there some kind of moral imperative for those who have earned more to pay a higher percentage than those who have earned less. Whatever the pay, 10% or any % is the same fair percentage across the board.  If I’ve made a dollar, and you’ve made a hundred, my dime is the same share as your dollar.  I do understand the rationale behind “tax brackets” and realize there is a high-road reason for having them for the good of the country.  However they are not to be unreasonably, or disproportionately structured for the purpose of “punishing” the successful, or redistributing the wealth. It is not right, that one man has to work for something he doesn’t get, in order for another man to have something he didn’t work for.

We do not want babies to be murdered under the hands of faux physicians.  Period.

We do not want to keep borrowing money from China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or George Soros.

#2. We voted for Sensible Policies:

We are against illegal immigration, not immigration.  We are for the rule of law as passed by Congress, not imposed by judges. It is not our desire to “separate families” as we have been labeled. It is our desire to make sure people come to be part of us the right way, and then adjust to us, rather than insisting we adjust to them.

We are for vetting radical Muslim immigrants before we let them in this country, even if they say they are coming to see grandma.

We are for having the Strongest Military in the world.  Peace through Strength is not wrong. Our veterans are heroes, and should be treated as such.  They, along with the police, firemen, and medics, should be among the highest paid, well cared for people on our society’s public roll.

#3.  We are not angry, but we do have anger.

The media, popular culture, from entertainers, to west coast and the left coast need to understand, we do not believe them.  We can see through their biases.  We are not uneducated, we are not unintelligent, we will not be “re-trained”, “brain-washed” or manipulated.

Flyover country is some of the most educated, “non-colleged” people in the world.  Furthermore, the rioting in Oregon, and other places, along with the meltdowns of the Van Jones’ of the world are high definition pictures of some of the most uneducated college graduates in the world.  The universities and colleges of our nation are great, wonderful, and worthy of praise, but they are not standards of knowledge, truth, and/or the great “conveyors” of the title “educated.”  Some of the most uneducated people I know have more degrees than a thermometer.

Hillary Clinton and husband Bill have used and abused their positions in government since the day Bill was first voted as Most-Likely to Cheat on his Wife.  They have thumbed their nose at the law for 30 plus years.  Their ability to avoid prosecution for murder, corruption, bribery, rape, sexual assault, and treason has filled the balloon of frustration beyond the point of rupture . . . and that was just when Bill was president.

I learned a long time ago that arrogance of the elite breeds anger among the intelligent.

The fact is that the reason Donald Trump was elected was because 60 million people in the country wanted him to be. On Purpose. They knew what they were doing.  It had nothing to do with the failures of the DNC to campaign smarter, or better, or to have a cleaner message.  C.S. Lewis said once, “You cannot make a good omelet out of rotten eggs.” Hillary and Company want everything for this country, we don’t want.  They don’t want anything for this country we do want.  The DNC could have sent us all Christmas Cards, Candy Canes, and provided a chicken in every pot, and we would not have voted for them.

Many people, myself included, did not vote for Donald J. Trump the person; his historical behaviors are indefensible. (I have been told recently that Mr. Trump has in fact been genuinely confronted with the gospel in a closed door meeting, and he listened, and responded in faith and repentance – fruit will tell.) While we did not vote for him the person, we did vote for the policies and people surrounding Donald J.Trump that are most likely to govern, or influence his governing . . . Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and other conservative policy makers who have the sense that God did give to billy goats.  “In the multitude of counsellors there is safety . . .”

If the Democrats would be for what they should be for, then they would get elected.

Proverbs 11:10 “When it goeth well with the righteous, the city rejoiceth . . .”

Proverbs 29:27 “. . . he that is upright in the way is an abomination to the wicked.”

There are cities rejoicing and there are cities rioting.  Each one is a picture of the heart.

I believe all that has happened is that through prayer, and voting, we have bought some time, and kicked the can of demise down the road.  Changing the government won’t really change anything.  It may slow the demise of our nation, but it will not stop it all together. Government is intended to be a mode of restraint, not revival.  There is only one change that is worth anything, and that really does something, and that is Jesus.  Until the hearts of the people in our nation have Jesus living through them, it will continue it’s moral free fall.  Most people do not understand that . . . but maybe at least they will come to understand why many voters did what they did at this point in time.


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